Looking for a cheap Android handset? Telstra is selling the white version of Motorola‘s year-old RAZR M at its online store for just $199.

While the HTC One, Galaxy S4 and Xperia Z1 have pushed baseline Android handset specifications forward this year, the RAZR M still stands as a real attempt by Motorola to bring some power to the smaller handset form factor — it’s just a shame that it’s now last year’s definition of “power”. I was quite fond of it when I reviewed it last year.

Telstra’s sale – exclusive to the carrier’s online store – follows Dick Smith Electronics‘ sale earlier this week, but beats the retailer’s price by $70. The phone also comes with a Micro SIM with $30 of “Get Started” credit.

Not convinced yet? A few days ago, we reported that the handset may see an official update to KitKat. If the official update fails to materialise, CyanogenMod may have your back.

Either way, the RAZR M is a neat little handset. I’m tempted to pick one up on that basis alone. Will you?

Update: As the phone is sold with a Telstra pre-paid service, it is network locked. We’ll find the unlocking fee and update shortly. Telstra confirms via Twitter that the device is not network-locked:

Have you owned a RAZR M, or might you buy one as a cheap backup device? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Telstra Online Store.
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this was a good phone when my work gave it to me originally but it seems to be suffering from the same lagginess that plagued my Nexus 7 until it was updated, something to do with defragmented memory. Anyway, I’m hoping the same update will fix my Razr M because it would be a decent phone if it wasn’t for the frustration. This article was from months ago, where’s my KitKat official update (if it wasn’t a work phone I would mod it).

Lincoln Mah

sold out. all gone.

Joshua Hill

Telstra and Dick Smith both have stock as of about a minute ago.

Lincoln Mah

Moto G? Suppose if you want 4G, microSD, NFC and 8MP camera, then this would be a better option, otherwise, wait until January for the Kit Kat ready Moto G with the bigger HD Gorilla Glass 3 screen and quad core processor.

Joshua Hill

Well when you put it that way who would you want the Moto G?

Kieran Stack

I was really impressed with the RAZR M last year. Seriously considering one now its half price.

Joshua Hill

This site h ttp:/ /w ww.worldgsmcodes.c om/motorola/Motorola-RAZR-M-XT905-XT907-network-code/ claims to unlock it for $25 US.

P.S. sorry about the spaces but Ausdroid’s use of Disqus doesn’t like links. If this is not helpful info by all means remove it.


Thanks Josh. Fixed the URL up for you and approved it.

Joshua Hill

Thanks for the follow up from Telstra. Free unlock is great news. My current plan on a competing carrier is much better value than Telstra but I’d like to see the quality difference on the Telstra network.

Nick Bryant

Been using the Razr M for about a year and loved it. There doesn’t seem to be anything on the horizon that is comparable for its size, so yes, I will probably get another one.

Joshua Hill

Sony Xperia Z1 S (a.k.a. mini). Rumoured to be announced at the end of this month.

Nick Bryant

Looks promising, thanks Joshua. The dimensions will be the decider. The 122mm length of the Raxr M is about the maximum that fits in my running shorts pocket. Even the 132mm of the One Mini was too long. 🙁

Joshua Hill

The Z1 mini will probably be too long then. The released Japanese version is 127mm long.