Google Glass is one of the most saught after pieces of technology for Geeks worldwide and will certainly continue to be until it’s full retail release. In what is one of the first (certainly won’t be the last) indications that Google are loosening their grip on all things Google Glass, the Glass Mirror API has been opened up to all developers despite access that they may or may not have to the technology.

The announcement made on the Google Developers G+ page has caused a lot of excitement with developers now knowing that they can access the API which was previously whitelisted to those who purchased the explorer model of the wearable tech. The Glass Mirror API is a big step to allowing developers who need to display to and pull information from Glass devices to now do so.

The access to Glass Mirror API goes hand in hand with the Glass Development Kit (GDK). Google recently asked for submissions of Glassware to prioritise acces to the GDK, another very good sign that Google are near the release of the fabled technology.

Is this a good sign that Google are nearing a point where they will release Glass to the public? What apps are you looking forward to seeing on Google Glass?

Source: Google Developers G+.
Via: Techrunch.