Google Wireless Charger for Nexus

The official Google Qi wireless charger has become available on Amazon for US $49.99 (about $56). The small wireless charger features magnets that guide and secure the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 (2013) to the charging plate – both the N5 and N7 (2013) have magnets strategically placed inside the back of them to facilitate this. Apart from the N5/7, the charger will work with any other device that supports the Qi charging standard.  Google Wireless Charger for Nexus Smartphones Tablets

The charger is available for delivery to Australia – with the shipping being around $13. If you order now, the estimated delivery is between 12 December and 24 December with AmazonGlobal Expedited Shipping.

The charger is also available via Fishpond inclusive of free shipping within Australia.

Do have a Qi wireless charger? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Android Central.
Via: Amazon.
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forgot69 – Specifically states it’ll work with the Nexus 4 also. Obviously it “should” work but I never mind having it in writing either.

Alexei Watson

Worth noting; on the US google play listing here:

What’s in the box: 9 W 1.8 A AC Adaptor (For use in the United States and Canada only)

Usually it doesn’t matter, but being a DC induction coil, perhaps the specific power supply used matters. I suspect it doesn’t matter and is just referring to the plug fitting but worth looking in to.


Mine just arrived but having no luck charging when replacing the US charger with the AUS one I got with my Nexus 7(2013). I just have a constant red light on the charging pad but the tablet is not getting charged. Same goes if I plug the supplied USB cable into my PC’s USB port.
When I tried to use my US to AUS adapter on the US charger, there is no light indicator or charge at all. Bugger.


I had the same experience after mine arrived yesterday. it doesn’t work from a USB data port or an Australian USB wall adapter or using the supplied US
wall plug with a US-AU adapter. Nada. Kaput.


the only thing that sucks about buying it from Amazon is that it will come with the US pins for the AC socket. I am just wondering if within a week or two this will come out here and then I would feel annoyed I didn’t wait a bit.


Ordered! Woohoo… been waiting for these. I have no faith that Google will bring them out here any time soon. That’s Chromecast and now this charger I’ve had to order from Amazon. Pull your finger out Google..


I’m usually a sucker for official accessories and with the magnet-guided placement I knew I really wanted one so I just ordered one for my Nexus 5/7 before Amazon changed their mind like they did with the Chromecasts.


As far I know these chargers aren’t dual volatage, they were listed on the Google Play store as 120v only


If you look at the underside detail photo on Amazon, it says “5Vdc 1.86A Max” and a USB cable plugged in, which means you can use basically any microUSB charger if the included one is not for 240V.
Having said that, I’ve never seen a 120V-only DC adapter in the last… 10 years?

Alexei Watson

It might just be the prongs they’re referring to – then again it might be that they need a specific power supply, not a general switch mode power supply. Induction requires AC to generate flux – so we get AC from the wall, convert to appropriate DC voltage, then back to a higher frequency low voltage AC for the coils, then a full wave bridge rectifier to convert to DC in the phone for charging. I suspect an australian charger would work just fine, but I wouldn’t be amazed if they come with some circuitry that is specific to the… Read more »


The US wall plug is 120v. It also has different prongs when compared to an Australian plug.That is to be expected, coming from the US. I’m sure that it will work fine with an Australian 240v wall plug. The USB to microUSB cable will be fine.

Stephen Crisafulli

Been using Zens wireless chargers for nearly 6 months. Have one in living room for my table and one on the night stand. Price is the ONLY downside.

Paul Walker

Anyone know how quickly these charge?


Ars Technica had a review -/gadgets/2013/11/look-ma-no-wires-a-mini-review-of-googles-nexus-wireless-charger/ – end result, 3 hours to change on cable and 6 hours to charge on wireless. Power usage is a little lower, but not enough to make it cost effective.


Can’t post comments with links. Just add that to the end of the URL for Ars Technica


I’ve got a Wireless charger on my desk at work and I love it. However, it’s not my ‘go to’ charger when my phone is flat. Instead, it trickle charges the phone all day, allowing me to keep the phone screen lit up (on Daydream). My phone goes off constantly at work, the N4 doesn’t have the best battery, so it’s a God send.


Ars Technica had a review – – end result, 3 hours to change on cable and 6 hours to charge on wireless. Power usage is a little lower, but not enough to make it cost effective.