Dead Zebra - Series 4
The latest update from Andrew Bell AKA DeadZebra, as well as introducing another Android Mini also includes some more apparel – Socks – as well as a release date on when we can expect to see the release of the Series 4 Androids.

The latest design which will come in a ratio of 1/16, is called ‘Dicktator’ and is designed by artist Kronk. A scary looking military Droid who is quite the fetching young man.


The next surprise is another item of apparel that will look quite fetching with the Android T-Shirt that was teased yesterday – Socks!

Android Foundry Socks

The socks will be available in the two designs you see above.

When can you get all of these items? Well, according to DeadZebra the Android Series 4 minis will go on-sale at 11am EST on Friday, November 29th with a restock at 11pm EST – but that information is no good to you, the Australian timezones are found below with the refills occuring 12 hours later :

Location Local time Time zone UTC offset
Los Angeles (U.S.A. – California) Friday, 29 November 2013 at 11:00:00 AM PST UTC-8 hours
Canberra (Australia – Australian Capital Territory) Saturday, 30 November 2013 at 6:00:00 AM AEDT UTC+11 hours
Brisbane (Australia – Queensland) Saturday, 30 November 2013 at 5:00:00 AM AEST UTC+10 hours
Adelaide (Australia – South Australia) Saturday, 30 November 2013 at 5:30:00 AM ACDT UTC+10:30 hours
Darwin (Australia – Northern Territory) Saturday, 30 November 2013 at 4:30:00 AM ACST UTC+9:30 hours
Perth (Australia – Western Australia) Saturday, 30 November 2013 at 3:00:00 AM AWST UTC+8 hours
Source: DeadZebra.
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    The lack of availability on launch in Melbourne and Sydney is surprising.


    Anyone willing to go halves in a case?