Nexus 5 - Black vs White

It seems that despite the shortcomings of the camera(or at least the camera software) on the Nexus 5, Google is still pretty proud of it – and so they should be imho – and have today released three new commercials to their Google Nexus YouTube channel showing off just that.

The commercials highlight three features of the camera software – HDR+, Photo Sphere and Auto Awesome, features that aren’t exclusive to the Nexus 5 but certainly are present and worthy of featuring.

I personally am loving all these features of the Android camera App, but that’s not to say the stock Camera App is without fault. I personally would love to see some improvements in things like focus and speed, but till that’s improved I am quite enjoying the inclusion of OIS and the low-light photos that it allows me to take.

Check out the three commercials and see what you think, then let us know what your thoughts are on your Nexus 5 camera :

Nexus 5 with Auto Awesome .

Nexus 5 with HDR+

Nexus 5 with Photo Sphere .

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I get the impression we won’t be waiting long before Google releases a serious update to their stock camera. There’s still hope for the N5!


Have you used Goggles on your N5? I find it flickers like mad. Otherwise no other problems with the camera than the lag.


I installed the camera app from the Nexus 5 onto my Gnex when all those apks got ripped from it on release and noticed a significant improvement with the stitching together of photos in Photo Sphere. 🙂


I tested the Nexus5 cam vs the galaxy S4 cam. The only time the S4 did better was in bright outdoor conditions. Everywhere else the Nexus5 Cam did better. Has to do with bigger pixel size. but also the OIS is pretty good.


Auto Awesome works a whole lot better when you can take a series of photos quickly.


I love the N5 but after taking pics of friends baby with iphone5 I come to realize how bad or slow the n5 camera is. Google pleaseeeeee speed up the cameraaa!!!!!