HTC One Dual SIM

The HTC One is one of the best designed phones available at the moment, and now it gets another variant, a dual-SIM model with expandable storage via microSD card of up to 64GBs. The extra storage capacity is on top of the already included 32GB of internal storage. To access the dual-SIMs and microSD card the back plate is removable.

HTC describes the dual-SIM functions as:

  • Receive calls from either SIM card at any time
  • Switch seamlessly between both sim cards while you talk
  • HTC Sense helps you manage calls, texts and data between sim cards effortlessly
  • On-board Dual Network Manager allows you to select a preferred network and personalise the name of each SIM, eliminating any complexity

The HTC One Dual SIM is available for pre-order now through the HTC Official Store in the UK for 495 pounds ($886). The specifications are similar to the HTC One, though the Dual SIM doesn’t support LTE/4G. We were impressed with the One when we reviewed it, and full specifications can be found in our review. We would hope that the Dual SIM gets a wider release, and with the initial roll out starting in the UK, this looks promising.

Do you have a HTC One? What do you think of it? Would you like expandable storage? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Engadget.
Via: HTC Official Store UK.
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Judging by the specs listed at the HTC store, the second sim doesn’t even do 3g just that 2.5g ‘edge’ at best. If it did at least dual 3g I’d be ordering one.


Two SIMs is typically for people to use two phone numbers or two different call rates, data doesn’t usually count since you could achieve the same with data+VoIP without needing the extra SIM.


Add AU support for 4G to the primary SIM and I’m there.

Anthony Jackson

and a cam to 12mp or 8mp and a switch to turn blinkfeed on/off and app2sd ill be standing inline with u

Sujay Vilash

BlinkFeed can already be turned off, without modding. It was a feature that was added to Sense 5.5. I have a One and it is the best phone I have owned, camera included. Don’t let the 4 Ultra Pixel fool ya. It is a superb shooter, especially in low light such as indoors.