For the last week we’ve been looking for some accident-prone Galaxy S4 owners to tell us just how accident prone their phones are. In return for their tales of woe, three lucky (or unlucky, depending on the story) readers would win an OtterBox Commuter.

We’ve previously reviewed the Commuter, and came away rather liking the cases – we hope the winners do too.

Congratulations (and commisserations) to:

Hayden Choi, whose phone was dropped on the ground, and split into front and back pieces – he lost the battery down a nearby drain;

Cameron Schulz, whose phone fell out of his board shorts, bounced off a boat ramp, and then slid into wet sand; and

Damien Xenos, who drops his phone off a table or chair every other day and thinks his luck is running out (hopefully he’ll get his OtterBox Commuter before his luck actually runs out).

Thanks to everyone who entered the competition, and thanks again to OtterBox for the prizes!

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    Festivus Oz
    Festivus Oz
    6 years ago

    Thanks Ausdroid for this competition. I look forward to testing out the new case. It will come as a nice second to the stories that I read here on Ausdroid daily! DX

    6 years ago

    They’re quite thorough phone losses, but I don’t think they top the story we heard in last week’s podcast recording, where a tradie took his phone out of an OtterBox to do a battery swap, and dropped the opened phone edge down into wet cement.

    Phil Tann
    Reply to  JeniSkunk
    6 years ago

    That was an amazing moment to witness, I had a stomach ache from laughing so hard!