Google Play 2013 Awards
Google Play has today announced the Players’ Choice Awards which gives Google Play users the opportunity to nominate and vote for the best Apps and Games of 2013.

The Awards are divided into Six categories :

  • I Can’t Quit You – Most Addictive Games
  • Old School, Still Cool – Best Franchise Games
  • Lights, Camera, Games! – Best Games Based on Movies
  • Quietly Brilliant – Best Apps for Enhancing the Everyday
  • At your Service – Best Apps for Booking and Buying
  • I ♥ Google – Best Google Apps

Each category has pre-selected Apps or Games included but also offers you the chance to enter Nominate and vote for your own pick if their pre-selected choices are not what you like. You can apparently vote on each category once per day, and there appears to be no login credentials required to actually submit your votes.

It’s conceivable that we’ll see the results of this coming soon, perhaps as a focus on each Google Play section much like what the Google Play Editors recently began doing when they added their choices for ‘The Best of 2013’ in each category although this would be limited to the Apps and Games section :

Perhaps Google will be handing out statues made out of the Golden Chrome Android that was released in Series 4 of the Android Mini figurines recently. Head on over to the Awards site to vote and of course we’d love to receive a nomination in a category for our very own Ausdroid News Android App, perhaps in the Quietly Brilliant section ;)?

What are your picks in each category?

Source: Google Play.