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Google Chrome OS

If you’re not much of a web developer, you might not know a lot about Chrome apps. Chrome apps look and feel exactly like a native application running on a desktop environment, but are built in the same fashion as a website and will run perfectly without an internet connection. Unlike standard web apps, Chrome apps allow developers to link their apps directly to hardware devices or system features. You can read more about Chrome apps and how they function over at the Chrome developers website, or check out the video below from the Chrome Dev Summit.

The Next Web just recently stumbled over a GitHub repository called Mobile Chrome Apps from Michal Mocny, a software developer at Google. In the documentation provided, it states that this is toolkit for creating Android & iOS hybrid native apps with the Chrome app API. Initially it looks as though Android 4.x and up will be supported, although the documentation also states that the core API also supports Android 2.2 and 2.3. Currently it looks as though the Mobile Chrome apps API will be available in January 2014.

I think this would be fairly beneficial for both developers of Android apps and users, as it will greatly reduce the cost of developing and supporting applications on multiple platforms. It will also allow users to enjoy a great experience regardless to what platform they may be using.

What are your thoughts on Chrome Packaged apps? Would you develop or use Chrome packaged apps if you could get the same experience regardless of the platform?

Source: The Next WebChrome Developers.