Santa Tracker
While NORAD has continued their relationship with the dark side this year by offering a Microsoft Bing powered Santa Tracker, Google has announced an update to their Santa Tracker website.

The Santa Tracker site is an update of last years page, which sees Santa’s Village animated with plenty of fun games and activities for kids. The page features the Santa Countdown timer – the timer is counting down to the time that Santa will leave the North Pole, at which time the Santa tracking Google Map will appear – as well as games and activities like a Present Catapult game, Sleigh racing, Reindeer Wind Tunnel Aerodynamics testing facility, Elf dressing animation and a video to introduce the site :

For Android fans, the good news is that an updated Android App based on last years App – FYI: this link only seems to work from the Google Play App on Android – which will see Chromecast functionality built-in, of course Google advise that the App is purely waiting for Elf Approval – you know, because Elves have more important things to do at this time of year.

And for you Chrome afficianados, there’s a Chrome Extension available in the Chrome Web Store that offers quick access to the countdown timer. Google advises the Chrome extension will uninstall itself after Santa has finished his journey…interesting.

Remember that there’s only 19 days until Christmas, so if you’re in the market for some gift ideas for the Android fanatic in your life, check out the Android Addicts gift buying guide we put together.

Source: Google Lat Long Blog.