Galaxy Ace 3 DSE
The third generation of the Samsung Galaxy Ace has now been released in Australia and is available outright from Dick Smith Electronics for $299.

This is the first in the Galaxy Ace line which comes with 4G LTE compatability that will connect to all three of the major carriers LTE networks in Australia. The Galaxy Ace 3 also comes with 3G compatability on all three major carriers as well.

In terms of specs the Galaxy Ace 3 comes with a 4″ 480×800 resolution display on the front and is powered by a 1.2GHz Dual Core Processor with 1GB of RAM. It contains 8GB of internal storage and comes with a microSD Card slot capable of taking up to 64GB cards. A 5MP camera with LED Flash adorns the rear and a VGA video conferencing camera on the front. With an 1800mAh Li-ion battery, it’s not going to last your power user all day, but should be a good device for occasional use.

The Galaxy Ace 3 is available in White only at this stage matching recent product launches in the lower end of the Samsung product catalogue, like the Galaxy Tab 3 range. The Galaxy Ace 3 was however launched initially overseas in June in black, so another version could possibly launch at a later stage, but colour variants are rarely released in the Australian market so the white will most likely be the only option.

To seal the deal, Dick Smith is offering a $30 Gift Voucher as a bonus in the latest catalogue, so if you’re interested in the Galaxy Ace 3, head onto the Dick Smith Website or head in-store to check it out.

Source: Dick Smith.
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5 paragraphs and no mention of the Android version.

Android User

It has JB.


I think it would be better to wait for the Moto G to be released next month. $299 doesn’t seem right for those specs.


Yeah if all you have is $300, have a look on Kogan for something that’s a little bit out of date but still more interesting than a low spec Samsung.