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With the Chromecast Hackathon that is expected to launch the official Chromecast SDK coming this weekend, a new game has appeared on Google Play which will allow two people to play a game of Tic-Tac-Toe.

Available for both Android and iOS the game requires two players with the App installed, connected to the same Chromecast and obviously on the same Wi-Fi network. Once you have fulfilled the requirements, simply load the game, connect to the same Chromecast and start playing.

It’s a pretty basic game and the source code is actually available up on GitHub for anyone wanting to have a look, although after the official SDK is released, you should expect a lot more Chromecast enabled Apps to appear quite quickly; most developers have been simply waiting for the Green light from Google to publish their Chromecast enabled apps.

Source: Reddit.
Via: GoogleSystemBlog.
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    Holding developers back could actually turn out to be a pretty good strategy from Google. When the SDK finally goes official we could see a wave of new functionality hit the Chromecast all at once. This could very quickly generate hype and interest around the Chromecast that may not have been possible had its functionality been exploited in dribs and drabs.

    Almost overnight there could be a $35 piece of kit with a heap of functionality.