It looks like the new Commonwealth Bank app we heard about in October is finally commencing its rollout, with the

Notably, it seems the Tap & Pay icon has the words ‘COMING SOON’ and appears to be nonfunctional, although Blaise reports that the app’s permissions have been updated to allow use of onboard NFC hardware. It’s possible that they’re targeting devices which will receive direct NFC support, as the screenshot does seem to have come from a Samsung device. CommBank may also be holding off on activating the Tap & Pay service until the rollout is complete.

Alas, none of the Ausdroid team members have received the update yet, and we haven’t received any details from CommBank about the rollout – we’ll check in tomorrow and update when we have more information.

Have you received the CommBank app update? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks: Blaise.
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    Not working on a rooted HTC ONE KitKat

    Nathan Myers

    This is the only compatible devices, I’m going to mess around and try fixing it. I’m doing a bit of an APK teardown at the moment.





    Jason Murray

    Thanks Nathan, please let us know what you find.

    Nathan Myers

    Found that it relies on a Samsung KMS module that allows the app access to the NFC chip on the device. It appears that making a phone compatible won’t be easy as the app has been designed for Samsung devices.

    Hoping this will change down the line since 4.4 allows NFC emulation..


    Just delete the app and download again from app store to get the latest update. Done it on both nexus 7 and nexus 5 and it worked.

    Paul Smedley

    No NFC on the Nexus 5 here – have ordered a sticker 🙁 This is with Kitkat 4.4.1 and no root

    Damien Harrison

    Got the update on my nexus 5 but it doesn’t seem to see the NFC in the phone so wants me to purchase the sticker thing

    Alex Hutton

    Care to share the apk? Pity about NFC…

    Damien Harrison

    I don’t think i can post links here. I tried but it got removed.

    Alex Hutton

    Would you mind posting it as a reply to this thread? Replace the square brackets with the obvious: goo[DOT]gl[SLASH]pKC6iq

    Damien Harrison

    posted there

    Jesse Bagot-Fitzgerald

    Legend, thanks

    Ben Lee

    Nice. Thanks for the upload. Looks like the native NFC isn’t enabled just yet in the App. Tap & Pay in the main android settings menu still only has Google Wallet for me, (as I’ve got a card linked in through that). As yet there’s no way to select what card/account you can use in the App..
    I’m pretty sure they’ll enable it soon…. 🙂

    Alex Hutton

    Does your google wallet card work with tap & pay in AUS?

    Ben Lee

    Na, gets declined at processing stage, can’t do international transactions (eg. outside of america)

    Jesse Bagot-Fitzgerald

    Thanks for trying 🙂 My email is [email protected] if you have time to send it that would be appreciated.

    Jason Murray

    I wouldn’t install an APK for a banking app that has access to all my money if it didn’t come from Google Play. #JustSaying

    Tim Macklin

    Ditto, had my hopes up for w moment til I realised it wanted me to order a tag.
    I am rooted though, so there could be a check there blocking it for me…

    Jesse Bagot-Fitzgerald

    If anyone cares to upload the apk I’d be interested. Would love to see the update. I’m not one of the fortunate ones to receive it yet.

    Ben Lee

    Ditto, keen to get my hands on this and see Tap & Pay working. Might have to go back and test the Google Wallet is allowing International Transactions yet or if it’s just Commbank app exclusive for the time being…

    dara ing

    downloaded the app a few hours ago on N4 running kit kat, tap and pay seems to be set up and ready to use.. i’ll report back when i use if for my first transaction tomorrow!

    Alex Hutton

    Would you mind uploading the APK? I can give you instructions on how to do that if you’re interested.

    Gregory Williams

    Cool looks good. Don’t understand why the comm bank and kaching have average scores. I find them super useful.


    What now iPhone [email protected]??? Hahaha how’s that Passbook thing going


    I’ve received the update and the tap and pay option is accessible. You can order the sticker thing for $3. This is on the HTC One btw
    All else is very similar to Kaching

    Zac Spitzer

    but will it work with apps like FB which do overlays?

    Jason Murray

    Do you mean to ask whether it work with Facebook Messenger while Chat Heads are active?

    Mitchell Smith

    I had to stop using Kaching because it wouldn’t work while Twilight was active.