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The Vodafone Foundation has today announced the winner of App Aid 2013 – Beyond Blue – with their Check-In App.

Beyond Blue won the challenge after receiving 776 backers through Pozible during the crowd funding stage of App Aid who pledged $16,626 towards its development. As the winner of App Aid, Beyond Blue will receive an additional $10,000 as well as an additional $10,000 in matched donations.

Speaking about the eventual release of the App, Kate Carnell of Beyond Blue said

We’re on our way to releasing this app in 2014. A big thanks goes out to our public backers, the developer team at Two Bulls for their technical know-how, and mentor Seamus Byrne from CNET for all his guidance.

The other teams competing in App Aid 2013, are also winners in tehir own way, with the Vodafone Foundation matching the donations received during the crowd funding campaign up to a value of $10,000.

The Starlight Children’s Foundation Australia and Leaf Cutter came in 2nd after receiving $15,100 from 56 backers, while the Taronga Foundation and Crazy Dog Apps – came in third with $14,040 received from 691 backers, with The McGrath Foundation/Garoo Games and Murdoch Childrens Research Institute/Wave Digital rounding out the rest of the teams.

Alyssa Jones, Head of Vodafone Foundation sees App Aid as a huge opportunity for charitable organisations

All the charities, with their app developer partners, discovered ways in which mobile technology could be used to assist the communities they serve. Vodafone Foundation is proud to have helped provide the seed funding to bring these apps a step closer to reality

All of the teams were winners this year with basic seed money being supplied to each team by Vodafone, so there will be some progress towards a mobile App for each team. Hopefully we see App Aid 2014 achieve the same success.