CyanogenMod has announced an experimental new feature for its custom build of the Android operating system called WhisperPush, which seamlessly and transparently enables secure messaging between Android and iOS handsets using encrypted text messages.

This development was announced back in July by noted developer Koushik Dutta, and is essentially an integrated, system-wide integration and compatibility with TextSecure. TextSecure, developed by Open WhisperSystems, is an open-source cross-platform secure messaging client, which is currently available on the Play Store.

CyanogenMod has taken this one step further, developing what they’ve called SMS middleware functionality. This allows CyanogenMod’s implementation of TextSecure to seamlessly integrate with whatever SMS application the user chooses to use, whether that’s the stock Messaging application or a third-party replacement. Messages sent using this encryption layer will be seamlessly encrypted when sent to other CyanogenMod or TextSecure users, and will automatically fall-back to their unencrypted state when sent to users not using compatible software.

Initially, WhisperPush will be enabled in the CM 10.2 nightly builds to test CyanogenMod’s back end servers which facilitate this service. Once this work has been completed, the new feature will be rolled out to CM 11 builds moving forward.

Source: Open WhisperSystems.
Via: CyanogenMod.
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    6 years ago

    now it only the app is as widespread/known like whatsapp/line/viber…