Leading storage company Imation has today launched new concept in Flash drives that’s aimed at making it easier to transfer data back and forth between your Android device and computer – the 2-in-1 Micro USB Flash Drive.

As you can see above, the drive comes with both a full size USB 2.0 connector to connect to your PC as well as a Micro USB connector to connect to your Android tablet or phone. The design is called ‘Slide ‘n’ Swivel’ and requires no cap – often the first thing lost when using USB drives.

While the USB drive is fully compatible with Mac OS X and higher as well as Windows operating Systems back to Windows XP, there are some caveats with the Android connectivity, with USB OTG support and Android 4.1 and above required, if you qualify for those you can then use ES File Explorer to access and use files on the drive, with no addtional power cables etc required.

The drive will be available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities and will retail for AU$29.95, AU$49.95 and AU$79.95 respectively and comes with a 2 year limited warranty.

This drive is actually quite an intelligent option with large amounts of data being transferred between desktop and mobile device these days, they’re not the first to try this form factor but are certainly the largest name to provide the option of a MicroUSB connector as well as full USB. We’re keen to get our hands on one and will be giving it a try as soon as possible. For further information you can check out the Imation website.

Source: Imation.
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    You can buy an OTG cable for AU$1.00 This allows use of as many USB memory sticks you may have, plus allow you to use others’ USB memory and connect to a USB HDD.

    If you have (or buy) a multi-card reader, you can also read and transfer data from/to SD cards etc. Great for transferring (digital/separate) camera photos.

    An On The Go cable provides virtually unlimited YET portable storage.



    Darren Ferguson

    If you are using a file explorer program, why not just connect to a share on your desktop?

    Andrew Palozzo

    I personally dont need this… but for people travelling who can’t access desktop.. make sense.


    good to see more options very similar to Adata’s UD320


    Thanks for sharing this, I’ve just ordered one through Umart for $29 (32gb)

    vijay alapati

    wish they comeup with USB 3.0 also, so it will be better for note 3 and others in future


    Hurry up and take my money!! Great idea

    Andrew Palozzo

    This is a sweet usb stick imo. I bought one of those kickstarter microSD & microUSB adapters. I haven’t even used it once, but if storage was an issue for me I think I actually prefer this over the kickstarter adapter.