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With the rollout of Android now merrily underway, with a large proportion of users seeing the update on their phones and tablets receiving the Over The Air(OTA) update already, but for those who require a complete factory restore, Google has now added the factory images for Android 4.4.2 to their Factory Images page.

The images are available for the Nexus 4, 5, 7(2013) Wi-Fi and HSPA, 7(2013) Wi-Fi and LTE and the Nexus 10. Bringing all Nexus devices compatible with the Kit Kat update, inline at version KOT49H.

The code for Android 4.4.2 has also rolled into AOSP and can be seen over on the Android GoogleSource Github repository

If you need the factory image for your device head over to the Developers page and download your image now, or if you want to build from source, you can now point your scripts at the right place.

Source: Google Factory Images PageAndroid GoogleSource.
Via: AndroidPolice.
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    David Anderton

    Has anybody else noticed the stock weather widget is giving reall incorrect reports? Like its snowing in Perth even though in reality it is 33 degrees and sunny.

    Daniel Tyson

    OMG that’s classic, Can you screenshot next to another widget giving real info?

    David Anderton

    can do!

    Chay MacTavish

    Just got OTA for my Nexus 7 (2012), still waiting on it for my Nexus 5, and I need it soon… I borked it a little bit by clearing data for Google Services Framework to try and speed the update… I used to do that all the time on my Galaxy Nexus with nothing going wrong, but now push notifications are all screwy on my N5… oops.

    Jason Hawkins

    I did the same thing with my Nexus 10 to get an update in July. Even after I got the update push notifactions and all sorts of other stuff tied to my Google account weren’t working properly on the Nexus 10. Eventually gave up trying to fix it and just factory reset it. Fixed the problem, but then I had to spend time re-installing all my apps and setting the tablet up the way I like. 🙁

    Chay MacTavish

    I got the 4.2.2 update this morning and everything seems back to normal! Phew!


    Just checked for an update for my Nexus 5, none for me 🙁


    Got my 4.4.2 update OTA this morning for nexus 4. Can’t notice anything different off hand, although haven’t had time to have a real look