Google has started the rollout of the next version of its Gmail app for Android, releasing version 4.7 with a host of new features. Included in the new version are features like Vacation Responder, which previously you could only enable from the web version, support for KitKat printing, and the ability to download and save archive files attached to emails.

Vacation responder

The new vacation responder feature allows you to set start and end dates, choose a subject and message text, and check a toggle to only send vacation responses to your contacts, and, if you’re a Google Apps user, only to users in your organisation as well. The function works exactly like an Out of Office message that you might be familiar with from say Microsoft Outlook / Exchange, and allows users to set their auto-responder from their mobile rather than just the web interface as before.

Printing support

This one is a simple addition, but it’s powerful. You can print a single email from a thread, using the action overflow button next to each email header, or alternatively, if you wish to print a whole thread, press the action overflow button at the top of the thread, select Print, and you can print to your heart’s content.


Archive support

Previously, Gmail for Android blocked the downloading of ZIP and other archive files ostensibly as a security measure. Now, they’re blocked no longer, and you can download archive files as much as you like. It’s not just ZIP files either; gzip files, bzips, and even tar archives are now enabled, though they certainly aren’t common in today’s emails.

You can see if you’ve got the newest version available through the Play Store link below, or alternatively, you can grab the updated APK from these mirrors (courtesy of Android Police):

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Source: Android Police.
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