Aussie developer Hovel Games – whom we last heard from at Halloween with Monster Mash Saga are back, with another free game for the season – this time, a retro-styled yet familiar-looking shooter named Christmas Invaders.

From the app’s Play store description:

You’ll be challenged with fending off wave after wave of Christmas themed invaders.
Simply tilt your device to control your Christmas Tree shooter and eliminate the barrage of oncoming festive attackers.
You can even try your luck aiming at the elusive Santa and his reindeer for bonus points and lives.


You control a Christmas tree (because, why not?) that’s fending off wave after wave of Christmas-themed “invaders” that might call to mind some of the best/worst Christmas jumpers you’ve ever seen. In place of the familiar mothership flying across the top of the screen, you’ll now have to shoot down Santa and his reindeer. There’s also Facebook leaderboards, allowing you to challenge your family and friends.

Christmas Invaders is ad-supported, with a $1 in-app purchase to remove the ads. If you’ve been enjoying Hovel’s games, maybe you’ll consider sending a dollar in their direction (I did!)

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Have you played any other seasonally-correct games lately? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Christmas Invaders (Google Play).