Introducing Instagram Direct
Instagram introduced a new feature to their massively – with over 150 million users, massive is the right word – popular photo and video sharing service – the ability to share video and photos privately.

The new service is a part of their update to version 5.0.0 and is available on Android(and iOS) from today, just update the App in Google Play and you can then begin sharing photos and videos with your friends and followers – or whoever you want really, the App has no limitations on just sending pictures or video to random users. There is a limit to the amount of people you can share directly to at one time – 15 in total, just like the length of their videos(15 Seconds)….interesting – so it’s not a mass messaging system of epic proportions

This being Instagram it all starts with a picture(or video), so you’ll need to take capture something and then decide if you’re going to share it with your followers or as a direct message to someone. It’s a pretty straight-forward process and it’s fairly obvious a choice in choosing to send a direct message to someone, but it should only be a matter of time before we see our first #InstagramDirectFail.

If you’re an Instagram fanatic, then you’ll be acquainting yourself with this new service today and we’re keen to hear your thoughts. We’re also keen to have you follow Ausdroid on Instagram so check us out.

Introducing Instagram Direct :

Source: Instagram.