Nexus 5 - Black vs White
The Nexus 5 has only been shipping for just over a month, but it appears that hardware revisions have begun hitting the flagship Google device already.

A user with the screen name infa89 has apparently posted some information on an Italian forum and outlined the issues with the initial Nexus 5 and the differences with the new model that was received as a replacement. The defects listed with the original phone were : ‘dancers and noisy buttons’, ‘SIM tray protruding’ and ‘”cutting edge” display frame’, and according to shinral – the XDA member who posted the information – these have all been resolved with ‘fixed buttons’ as well as ‘larger microphone and speaker holes’. shinral also included some pictures which show the slightly modified design compared to the original :

There are apparently some issues though, with the Original Poster(OP) advising that the new phone had ‘more yellow display’ and ‘green stuck pixels’.

Android ROM developer Andrew Xie, better known by his screen name ‘bigxie’ also tweeted out that it appears that Nexus 5’s with serial numbers greater than 311,000 are the new model :

However, other posters in the XDA forums argue that it would be more prudent to check the HW Version in your boot loader(Volume Down + Power) to check which hardware revision you have received, although mine which was ordered on the morning of the announcement is HW Version rev_11.

While I and the other team members here at Ausdroid have not experienced any of the issues listed with the first batch Nexus 5’s received here in Australia, there may be some people out there who have and it’s great to see the issues being addressed. That said, I’m not sure anyone would want a ‘more yellow display’ or ‘green stuck pixels’ in exchange for some newer hardware.

Have you had any of the issues listed with your Nexus 5? Do you have a newer model Nexus 5? What is your serial # and HW Version?

Source: XDA-Developers.
Via: PocketDroid.
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max barrett

I have the 32gb white nexus 5. Serial 311k and hw_11 but I have very wobbly buttons. So wobbly that even if I slightly touch my screen anywhere I hear it clearly and I also have a gap between my screen and bezel. WTF!!! I bought this a week ago. I should have the new version.


I emailed Googleplay and enquired if I ordered the Nexus 5 would I get the SN 311K and hw_ll. Their response was to say I would get KitKat 4.4 and then said they could not be specific on the SN of devices.

Does anone know the answer I am looking for?

ravi kang

so what was the number when you got your phone and what color and size?thanks

joseph marques

I ordered on launch day. Box says SN 310 and Hardware version says rev_11. My phone has no issues and is running strong! Very slight power rocker rattle if I shake hard and really listen for it bit no more than any other phone i have used. Speaker and screen are perfect!


Just received my Nexus 5 today (Aus). It’s awesome. Serial number starts with 311 (from the box). Hardware revision says hw_11. Haven’t noticed any probs yet. There’s a tiny, tiny rattle if I shake the phone really hard next to my ear, but hey what does that matter? No big deal haha. Why would you shake it hard, let alone near your ear anyway? Loving my new Nexus 🙂

ravi kang

16 0r 32 gb and which color?? i ordered mine yesterday and it shows shipped.wonder how many days will it take.cant live in melbourne.thxx

Stephen Crisafulli

Sim tray in my N5 sticks out a quarter mil or so and my buttons rattle. Not a problem for me but good to see its getting fixed because I’m sure to be recommending this phone to everyone.


My “old” HW rev 11 (310 s/n) version is fine… yeah if I shake it and hold it up to my ear I can hear the volume rocker move… but who cares? Sometimes the angry mob on XDA get into a flurry about something innocuous and suddenly it’s a hardware fault when actually it’s WAD (working as designed). Disappointing to hear they may have tweaked the colours to be more yellow though.. the screen is already too yellow by default. Thankfully the colours can be changed if you run a custom kernel. I’m using a hack to fix it, like… Read more »

Jason Hill

My Nexus 5 HW rev 11 is just fine love it and always recommend the phone to people who ask about it

Piers Porter

Last paragraph: “…team members here at Ausdroid have experienced…” should probably read “have not experienced”.


I have the 311 S/N and I ordered mine after the 1st lot was sold out. My phone outta the box never had any of the speaker issues etc that I’ve read about in the forums and itz a bloody beauty.

Avon Perera

Same here


I had to return my Nexus 5 (most painful experience ever!). New Nexus 5 screen definitely seems more yellow that the first, especially when compared to my old N4 which my gf now has.


I can do with the button rattle, but if the audio problem is a hardware issue…I will definitely feel cheated.

Brad Hook

Part of being an early adopter man! Goes for all types of technology, not just phones.


What problem are you having with the audio?