Moto G
The Moto G, announced last month in São Paulo, Brazil is slated to come to Australia in January according to the official rollout schedule. While Motorola Australia have not yet announced any details for an official launch here, an annonymous tipster has advised that Telechoice is taking orders for the phone.

The tipster supplied us with a spreadsheet which lists the Moto G – and it’s associated Brightstar code – as coming with an Ex-GST price of $195 but this is believed to be their buy-in price and the retail price could be anywhere in the range of $250-299 when finally available :

The specs listed, show that the model being launched in Australia will be the Dual-SIM version of the Moto G, and the phone is launching with Android 4.3, although an update to Android 4.4 is expected quite quickly as Motorola has advised the update will hit the phone starting in January.

Our experiences trying to order the Moto G at Tele-Choice stores, was not the best with staff unaware of the existence of the phone in their ordering system. It also doesn’t appear on the Telechoice website as yet meaning it’s likely due to the phone only just being added to the Telechoice device catalogue, with staff due to be trained on and advised about the phone in the coming weeks in the lead-up to the launch.

With the addition of the phone to the Telechoice range it’s likely that we’re going to see an invite to an Australian launch of the Moto G going out very shortly – the first new hardware launched by Motorola in Australia for over 14 months – and we’ll let you know as soon as we know anything. In the meantime, let us know if you are able to order the handset from Telechoice or indeed any other Carrier store.

Introducing the Moto G :

Thanks: Anonymous.
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Go dual sim

Dual sim version being released in Australia! This I got to see I’m using a China mobile dual sim phone and have done so for the past 3 years because of the crippled dual sim market here in the land of the confined choices Bring on dual sim in mass 🙂 Silly thing is the carriers here may be in fear of dual sim because they think people will mix and match their usage, they are going to do it anyhow and they are importing larger and larger quantities of dual sim phones anyhow, may as well tap that revenue… Read more »

Michael Petkov

If they price of the moto g goes up between $250-$299 you would be better off buffing a Nexus 4 for $250, or Nexus 5 $399. You get a whole lot more phone for your money. The Motorola Moto G only makes its value proposition when around that magic $200 mark.


Surely you didn’t expect it to be at $200 with all these Australian taxes did you?


Surely you didn’t expect it to be at $200 with all these Australian taxes did you?

John O'Doherty

Australia has a 10% sales tax (ie GST) – similar to most US state sales taxes. Transport costs of tiny devices are small. There is no reason Australians should pay more than the equivalent US price. If Motorola charge AUD250 for the phone, they will be gouging us, but also kicking an own goal as there will undoubtedly be other better value phones released in coming months and Aussies won’t buy their phone.

Avon Perera

The nexus 4 isn’t available anymore… At least not at that price from the play store


Where do you put the 2nd sim card in a Nexus?

Michael Petkov

Nexus 4 has only one sun card slot. 🙂