Wednesday , March 21 2018

Pebble smart watch receives an update to include a ‘Do Not Disturb’ Mode


If you are like me or one of the many Pebble users that use the adaptive smart watch, then you may or may not have noticed that an update has come through from HQ to include a new ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode for the device.

The main part of the update is for iOS users of the wearable smart device, however the notification control plays well with the biggest feature, a new “do not disturb” mode that lets users set a period of time when notifications will be switched off.

This is great for people who may sleep wearing the device and don’t want to be roused or woken by a vibration on their wrist.

Pebble have also included in the update an improved alarm app so now you can create multiple alarms, toggle an alarm to be on or off and edit existing alarms. There’s also a new “snooze” alarm option, for people who want to put off dealing with their alarm or want to grab those extra few minutes of sleep like me!

To get the latest update, just head to the pebble smart watch app on your device and you will either be prompted or may need to press ‘Check for FW Updates’.

Have you got the latest update for your Pebble smart watch? What do you think of the new additional features? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Mashable.

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