The Dropbox app for a while has allowed users to share an existing folder with anyone, so long as they have the shared folder URL. Unfortunately the contact that the folder would be shared with, could not make any changes to any files within that folder. In this new version of the Dropbox app, users now have the functionality to create a shared folder from the app, as well as invite people to be a member of a shared folder. This means that they will have access to modify any file within that folder, as well as being able to include their own files in that folder.

Also in this latest version, Dropbox have included In-App purchases for users who wish to upgrade their account to Dropbox Pro, until now the only way users could do this through the app is either by manually entering their debit/credit card details or scanning their card with their phone. I think this is a great idea to encourage users who already buy apps on the play store, to also upgrade their Dropbox account from 2GB of storage to 25GB.

Have you been waiting for Dropbox to implement Shared folder functionality? Would you look at upgrading now that Dropbox has In-App Purchases?

Dropbox: Cloud Storage & Sync
Dropbox: Cloud Storage & Sync
Source: Dropbox - Google Play.
Via: Android Police.