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Earlier this year, we reported that Foxtel had gone into partnership with Samsung to bring its mobile Foxtel Go app to limited Samsung devices and today, Foxtel have announced that Foxtel Go app will be available to more Samsung devices and will be able to be downloaded from the Play Store directly.

The Samsung devices which now support Foxtel Go officially are:

  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Galaxy Note 2
  • Galaxy Note 10.1
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy Note3
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab2 10.1
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab3 7”
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab3 8”
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8”

Now while it is disappointing that the app still seems to be only available directly to limited Samsung devices, the app now being available on the Play Store is curious move and could be seen as setting the stage for more devices — possibly other than Samsung devices — in the new year. Maybe.

Of course there is always the unofficial route to download the APK for the app which you can find out more about here.

Is your device one of the listed above? have you downloaded either the official or unofficial Foxtel Go app? What do you like about the app? We would love to hear your thoughts below.

Source: Foxtel Blog.
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I asked Foxtel about this and they said: “Wayne, the availability of Foxtel Go on devices can come down to broadcasting rights and licence issues. Therefore we have not expanded the availability to be able to use on any devices other than those listed on our website FAQ’s. It is not anticipated that the availability for other devices for Foxtel Go at this stage but you never know what may happen in the future as we are always looking at ways to enhance our customer experience.” I replied by telling them to take “we’re working hard to bring Foxtel Go… Read more »

Tango India Mike

Nexus 5 !!!!!! C’mon Foxtel…..soooooo sssslllllooooowwwww!!!

Tony McHugh

This should be made available for all devices…. Foxtel pisses me off because of this.


Samsung is just as bad.


Has anyone managed to get this (unofficial way) working on HTC One running 4.3?

Warren Ashby

It’ll only work on 4.2.2 or lower from my experience


I find it amazing that the more than capable Samsung Galaxy Note 1 Phablet seems to continue to miss out on just about everything going around. The phone is great and performance wise can handle anything that thrown at it, yet for firmware/software updates etc. nothing!


seeing they are ignoring all other android devices, I’ll ignore this as well ! whenever it gets to nexus or htc !

Mike Sierra Foxtrot

Too little too late – Foxtel is losing it’s relevance as people are apparently abandoning the service in droves.