The wearable technology market is growing rapidly, with the Pebble leading the way from other technology such as the Galaxy Gear and soon to come to retail launch; Google Glass

But what about those of us who often work in dangerous environments for electronics? Water, dust and high risk of impact to smart watches and other wearable technology makes it risky to take your toys out and about. What about those who don’t necessarily want to see text messages on their watch?

A new IndieGoGo project by Australian distributor and wholesaler, PC Range addresses a number of these issues. The Telltale Scoop is quite stylish and links to your phone whether it’s an Android or that other brand of phone, allowing discrete notifications to be displayed on your wrist by vibration, LED indicator or a combination of both.

The notifications are customisable by the type of notification or by who is contacting you at the time. But it’s more than just that: you can select for notifications such as Twitter, Facebook, calendar events, reminders or pretty much anything you can get a notification for on your device!

It’s an interesting and exciting development in the wearable technology market and one worth getting behind if you (like me) often miss messages, calls or other important notifications on your device.

To learn more about the project, or if you’re inspired and want to get your hands on one; back the project, visit the Telltale Scoop IndieGoGo page.

Have you invested in any wearable tech? Let us know your experiences

Like all these projects, we are here to inform not advocate backing the project. All projects on Kickstarter, IndieGoGo and the like have no guarantee that they’ll end up being produced even if their goal is reached, so please ensure you are aware of all the terms and conditions before you back a project.

Source: IndieGoGo.
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    needs to be $50 and at least have clock on it.


    Just like the pebble, just remove the screen and replace it with coloured LEDS and also remove the abilty to check the time or what the message says