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Aussie developer Halfbrick Studios have unleashed their latest creation, and this time it’s a doozy – meet Colossatron!

A giant robot snake is heading to Earth to wreak havoc and destruction. Where most games would have you control a plucky young hero who has to step up to stop the threat and save the world, Colossatron lets YOU control the bad guy! Well, sort of — you can’t tell Colossatron where to go, but you can control its shape and influence some of its actions.

You’ll create the perfect Colossatron by adding Powercores which can combine to form more and more powerful weapons, then use it to smash everything in sight. The more damage you do, the more money you earn for upgrades and repairs.

The action is presented as a “breaking news” bulletin from the “Action News 6”, who are following the action in their helicopter. The newsreaders and other gameplay figures will comment on your actions along the way (although you can turn them off if you REALLY don’t like them).


The app is a 99c download, and there’s additional in app purchases for powerups. You’ll earn Prisms through normal play which you can use to upgrade… or you can buy them yourself and speed up the upgrade process. Halfbrick’s track record of providing a game you can play and enjoy just fine without making any additional purchases seems unharmed thus far.

Check out the trailer and a couple more screenshots below:

Like Halfbrick’s previous work – Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride – Colossatron is endowed with a cheeky sense of humour, fantastic graphics & sound, and an easy gameplay style. The game’s a lot of fun to play.

Where the studio’s previous work has seen delayed Android releases in the past, they’ve released Colossatron simultaneously on both Android and iOS – hopefully a trend they’ll continue with their future work.

Colossatron is just 99 cents to install – why haven’t you, already?

Price: Free+

Have you played Colossatron? What’s your favourite feature? Tell us in the comments!

Update: The original post indicated the game was a free download but the game is in fact 99 cents. Apologies for the mistake, but at 99 cents, the game is still excellent value.

Source: Colossatron (Google Play).

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Jason Murray

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Free to install? The link here and the play store say $0.99…

Jason Murray
Jason Murray

Apologies for the mistake on pricing – I may have been a bit too excited for the game!

The post has been updated.

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