ABC iView App
If the initial launch of the ABC iview App for Android left you feeling left out in the cold because your device was not listed as compatible, the latest update, which is rolling out version 1.0.1 to devices now, may just fix that.

The changes in the update that are listed in the ‘What’s New’ section of the ABC iview App in Google Play are :

Removal of permissions related to phone access and reading logs, these were inadvertently left in during testing but are not used or required in the production version. This update also provides official support for a wider range of devices. If your device is not supported please let us know so we can prioritise testing.

There is no comprehensive list of devices now supported – my Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus S are now listed – with even the iview FAQ on the ABC website not updated as yet, but as per their instructions, please let the ABC know about any devices you have that are not compatible or if you encounter any issues with the App.

Also remember that if you want, some enterprising Android users have already pulled the original APK and are hosting it on the web, so if you want, you can actually sideload the App onto your ‘unsupported’ Android device. You can download it here.\

One final note, even though the Play store description states that the App is ‘geo-blocked to Australia’ we know of at least one person in the UK who is currently able to stream iview to their device.

Try installing the App from Google Play on your previously unsupported device and let us know which devices you can install the App on now.

Source: Google Play.
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    Wish there was a link to download a copy of the v1.0.1 APK for sideloading.
    v1 of the app works fine on my ‘unsupported’ Bauhn tablet.


    Works well on my GS3. None issues as yet.


    Hmm still not compatible with the LG G2, grr.


    Does anyone else have a grey bar at the bottom when viewing videos? Nexus 5 here. Seems to not go properly full screen like YouTube does, soft buttons still kinda there etc.

    Also I hope they add Chromecast support, that would be sweet.


    Installs and works on a Galaxy Tab 10.1 (GT-P7510)

    Hillal Lozi

    i have it installed on my nexus 5 and 10 and when i open it up it tells me that there is a problem connecting and check my internet connection, anyone else experience this problem?