It’s a busy time of year, with many families travelling on the roads and a large portion of accidents attributed to driver distraction, Australian developers Mike Shaw and Mike Wilkinson wanted to introduce a new App which will read your notifications to you while you drive, reducing the need for drivers to handle their phone – it’s called Keepal.

Keepal is a paid app, costing $0.99 and is designed as a personal assistant for your car, it will read out all your SMS, Emails, Social Media(not yet but coming soon) and Calendar events as well as offering the ability to respond to those SMS alerts you receive, all through hands-free so you’re not tempted to actually pick up your phone and read or respond to those notifications while driving. It also has a built-in list of news providers that the App can be set to read back triggered events when those news stories crop up.

The team at Keepal are also – and rightly so – proud of the fact that the App retains no personal data. Keepal requires Android 4.0.3 and upwards to run, it’s has a tile interface reminiscent of Windows Phone, which the Keepal team is also building an app for, at the same time as building an iOS app for release in the new year. As well as releasing on other platforms, the team at Keepal are keen to build more features into their App in future releases.

Update: The Playboard widget seems to have issues – head on over to Google Play to download Keepal.

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    Thanks for the heads! I love it!


    I’m getting 404 on the Play Store and Playboard links, Dan


    Confirmed, thanks for Reporting JeniSkunk

    Daniel Tyson

    Thanks Jeni – Changed the widget to a link – looking into this further now. Cheers,