OPPO R1 quad-core camera phone (R829T)

Over the last 12 months Oppo have been doing their best to make an impact in the market, they’ve impressed Darren with the Find 5, Alex had some good times when he got the chance to do a review of the Oppo R819 and more recently been hitting the headlines with the N1 which is set to be the first ‘out of the box’ CyanogenMod phone.

They’ve just announce the R1 which is (by spec and price at least) aimed to hit the mid range market at a rough conversion of AUD $465.00 and sporting

  • 5″ IPS Display
  • 1GB Ram
  • 16GB Storage
  • 8MP Rear Camera
  • 5MP Front Facing Camera
  • 2410mAh Battery
  • Weighing only 140g
  • 142.7mm x 70.4mm and a mere 7.1mm thin

It’s got the right numbers to assist Oppo in building their name in the market. The issue they may suffer is that at this time there’s no word on international availability of the device despite it’s availability being listed on their website.

Have any of the Oppo devices caught your interest?

Source: Oppo.
Via: GSM Arena.
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The bezel makes this look like an Iphone alot!
It’s strange since Oppo doesn’t make Apple rip off phones……must be a coincidence.

I agree that it is a hard sell thanks to the Nexus 5.

Phil Tann

Lots of things are a hard sell next to the Nexus 5

vijay alapati

tell me one reason to buy this rather getting a Nexus 5 which is much cheaper with LTE, 1080p screen, best specs, its Nexus 🙂

Phil Tann

We’re reporting news to assist people in making buying decisions, not to make the decision for you. You’re clearly not going to sway towards the Oppo, personally I’m really curious about the N1 CM Edition which I may buy!

Like it or not: Nexus isn’t “pure” Android any longer, it’s Android with a UI on top of it much like Samsung, Moto, Sony or even Oppo run. It’s just not as intrusive as the others.