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Telstra has already shown an interest in Glassware, confirming earlier this year that they are releasing an AFL compatible app for Glass next season, and are actively working on the development of an NRL app as well, now it seems that they are also working on a Glass app for their own service.

Announced earlier this morning on their Telstra 24×7 Facebook page, the post simply asks what people would like to see in a Telstra developed app for Google Glass.
Telstra Glass

The responses to the query if Telstra would be stocking Glass when finally made available prompted Telstra to advise customers to sign up to their ‘Keep Informed‘ page, but any availability of Glass outside the US, would most likely be restricted to Australia – at least initially.

The availability of the AFL App for Glass next season – which begins in March it seems – would point to Telstra believing that the highly sought after wearable could be expanding availability outside of the previously restricted US based sales model that Google has so far been following.

With a current price tag of $1500 for the Explorer edition of Glass; Google Glass is currently entering its second hardware iteration, with current Explorers being encouraged to swap out their current device for a tweaked, slightly faster model. A final retail model with a cheaper price tag, is expected when the head mounted wearable launches outside of the Glass Explorer program which is currently accessible through invite only. The price tag has been rumoured as low as $200 for Glass, but most industry experts expect a more realistic $500-$800 price tag.

Although US based only at the moment, Google is taking expressions of interest from anyone, with a sign-up page allowing you to enter your details to be considered for inclusion in the Glass program if and when it expands internationally.

If you have some suggestions for Telstra on what should be included in their Glass App, head over to Facebook to add your $0.02 worth now.

Source: Telstra 24x7 Facebook.
Via: TechAu.
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Man, if Telstra’s track record for developing apps (or should I say pay third party devs to make) is anything to go by, this is gonna bomb badly


Considering only a couple lucky ones in Australia have this, I’m not sure what to think of this decision.