The Alldock is a new kickstarter project that’s designed to allow you to charge multiple devices at once. There’s several slots that can mount your tablet, phones, iPod and the All-Dock will be compatible with the most common standard connectors like Lightning, 30-pin, micro-USB, etc. All of which can be attached to the 4x or 6xUSB hub in the All-Dock. Promising “blazingly fast” charging with a 2400mA output on the USB ports most smart phones or tablets will be charged to greater than 80% in less than 1 hour connected to the charging dock.

Cosmetically you’ve got several colours, styles and sizes to choose from. Black, White or walnut and choose from in either 4 or 6 port there’s a style and size to suit most people and their likes. It’s at a pretty reasonable cost too if you’re quick enough to get on the early bird backing (keep in mind there’s USD$35 shipping costs though) for your preferred design.

The project is already over 50% of their USD$40,000 goal with over 30 days remaining on their campaign, so this is one that’s almost certain – but not guaranteed mind you – to get off the ground. If you’re looking for a charging dock and have some Christmas cash to spare, this is one worth looking into.

Editors Note: Like all these projects, we are here to inform not advocate backing the project. All projects on Kickstarter have no guarantee that they’ll end up being produced even if their goal is reached, so please ensure you are aware of all the terms and conditions before you back a project.

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Source: All-Dock Kickstarter.
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    Any ideas on power cable? I presume it will ship with a USA one, will a generic cable be ok?

    Sujay Vilash

    Unable to locate The Alldock on Kickstarter …


    Sujay, how are you searching for it on Kickstarter?
    On this page, clicking on the link labelled Source(s): takes you straight to the project’ page on Kickstarter.
    When I search from the Kickstarter homepage on the 2 words All Dock it is the first result.

    vijay alapati

    Nice gadget, but wrong pic, Sony phones usb ports are always on side :p


    No link?

    Peter Massey

    It’s very subtly hidden in the line that is size 0.5 font buried in an overload of tags.


    There is, in the source at the bottom of the article. Ausdroid always place direct links to their sources at the bottom of the article.

    But for your convenience: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/939039986/the-all-dock-incredibly-fast-and-beautifully-charg