HTC had quite the niche hit on their hands last year with the very well designed HTC One, although the popular opinion of the tech industry didn’t save them from some less than favourable quarterly earnings announcements for their 2013 fiscal year, but they’re apparently hard at work behind the scenes on the successor to the HTC One(known while in development as the M7) with a device they’ve creatively named the M8.

According to internet leak superstar @evleaks, the HTC M8 will be coming with some pretty big specs :

HTC seem to have gone up in size on their screen from the 4.7″ of the HTC One to the seemingly now industry flagship standard of 5″, the SoC will be upgraded from the Qualcomm APQ8064T Snapdragon 600 which was included in the HTC One to another industry standard – the Snapdragon 800. With a broad range of opinions on the HTC One Ultra-Pixel camera, it seems HTC will again pursue the technology by releasing the M8 with the same technology, although at what resolution it will be has not been specified.

Whether HTC intends to pursue the fingerprint scanner technology they introduced on the HTC One Max, when they release the M8 at retail is another question, as is the question of whether BoomSound will make a reappearance.

Software wise, we’ll see Sense 6.0 built atop Android 4.4 – 4.4.2 if HTC follow on from their current upgrade path with the HTC One – which will feature many new and interesting features, although the popular features from their Sense 5.0 outing – Blinkfeed and HTC Zoes – should also make a re-appearance in this new update. With the trend of toning down the HTC Sense overlay since Sense 4, we hope to see more of stock Android shining through on Sense 6, with HTC’s fantastic software added as features that could possibly be seperated out into Google Play, much like Motorola has done, but we’ll have to wait till around April to find out.

The biggest question of course is what HTC will name their successor – HTC One 2, HTC Two, HTC One: The Sequel? The HTC One was just a wonderfully designed device and with such a hard act to follow, we eagerly await the announcement of this new device.

What should the HTC M8 be called?

Source: EVLeaks.
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HTC One +1… nah, they will go for the sequel, HTC One.

ReBorn HTC fan

Why not just call it the HTC Mate (M8)

Ty Crane

Nothing different from the M7 apart from a s800 chip (805 would be better) and a 5inch screen everything is da same, not even da camera is different.

Sean Royce

Learn to spell. Also, these are just rumours.


Considering that the HTC One had the dev name of M7, then I think the M8 should get the retail name: HTC Two

Sean Royce

Who knows what it’ll be. All will be revealed soon.


Indeed, Sean.
But Dan was asking for our thoughts on what it should be called, so I applied logical numeric progression in coming up with the name I thought it ought to receive.

Sean Royce

It is quite logical, although it might be like the Nexus 7 (2013) and have the same name. Doubtful though.