Monday , May 21 2018

Acer’s C720P touchscreen Chromebook is now available in ‘Moonstone White’

By now we know that Acer have made a bit of a name for themselves in the Chromebook space, first entering with one of the second generation Chomebooks, the Acer C7. More recently, they’ve released the Acer C720 for sale in Australia, and while it’s pretty neat, there’s a slightly newer version, the C720P which is floating around in the US, which may well make its way here.

The difference, and it’s a doozy, is that the C720P offers a touch-screen interaction (ala the Chromebook Pixel) as well as the keyboard and mouse. It had previously been available in just black, but in time for CES 2014, Acer have whipped out a ‘Moonstone White’ version, which as you can see in the imagery above, is quite sleek, and looks as if its punching well above its $299 (USD) price tag.

Spec-wise, the C720P in white features 2GB RAM for snappy execution (though ChromeOS is fast anyway) and plenty of open browser tabs without slowing down, a 32GB on-board SSD for local storage, and a whopping 7.5 hours battery life, so you truly could work all day on battery alone.

If these come to Australia (and possibly even if they don’t) we’ll be trying to get our hands on one quick-smart to tell you all about it… but it is a Chromebook, you know it’ll be good!

Source: Android Community.

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3 Comments on "Acer’s C720P touchscreen Chromebook is now available in ‘Moonstone White’"

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Ausdroid Reader

still no AC3 support…siiiggghhh

Ausdroid Reader
Luke Vesty

The white looks very nice.

I can’t wait for the day Adobe develops a Lightoom packaged app for Chrome OS. Make it happen!

Sean Royce
Valued Guest
Sean Royce

A great device sure, but to be honest, I still haven’t found a laptop that comes with true all day battery life like the 2013 Macbook Air.

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