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CES 2014 — Lenovo announces Android AIOs including a 4K model


A manufacturer more known for its desktop affairs and less so for its forays into the land of Android, at CES 2014 Lenovo has announced a range of AIO devices (All In One for those not up with the lingo). Of interest to the Ausdroid reader, though, is not the range that run just Windows, but those that run Android! There are two models and we’ll go into these below.


Pitched more as a consumer-friendly device, the N308 is priced at $450 USD, and comes with some fairly mid-range specs that mightn’t blow you away, but are none the less pretty cool. 19″ 1600×900 display, a 500GB hard drive, running Android 4.2 and sporting a quad-core Tegra 4 SoC.

It’s nice, it’s light, but most importantly, it’s really just a giant tablet. There’s not a lot that you can do with it that you couldn’t do with a tablet, except that you can use it as a desktop.

ThinkVision 28

This beast features first and foremost a 28″ display at a stunning 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, allowing you to interact with the integrated Android 4.3 (which disappointingly is only looking at around 157 pixels per inch). The interface itself is upscaled from an Android-native 1080p, but 4K content (movies, TV shows and the like) plays back at native 4K resolution, giving you a beautiful, crisp viewing experience. The ThinkVision 28 also features NFC and “tap to connect” for pairing with other devices, though with a handful of HDMI and USB ports, you can easily connect things with wires too, if that’s your thing.

The ThinkVision 28 will retail for around $1,199 USD, starting from July.

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3 Comments on "CES 2014 — Lenovo announces Android AIOs including a 4K model"

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geoff fieldew
Valued Guest

The Thinkvision 28 is launching with Kit Kat according to Gotta Be Mobile. It’s an undisclosed Tegra SoC which I’m hoping has a Kepler GPU – that would be badass!

Valued Guest

If it’s those specs…

*JeniSkunk throws money at the screen
Take My Money!!! NOW!!!

Valued Guest

Overall, very interesting devices, but both manage to fall short of what they should be.

A 19inch that can’t do native 1080p, and runs a version of Android 2 steps behind current, I feel is not going to be overly popular. Something with those below expected specs, I’d expect from Aldi, not Lenovo.

A 28in AIO which is not running the latest version of Android, is another misstep. If it shipped with KK, or was confirmed that KK is available for it, I’d be on the Lenovo website and forums throwing my money at the screen.

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