It’s tough competition at the top, and LG doesn’t want to be left behind. While it’s probably not in any danger of actually being left behind, it’s important to try and keep up anyway, and LG is doing just this with its announcement of the Lifeband Touch fitness tracker.

As you can see adorning the wrists of the two lovely ladies above, the water resistant Lifeband Touch keeps track of calories burned during daily activities, steps you’ve walked and other fitness stats. An OLED touchscreen display acts as a watch and shows the wearer notifications, as well as allowing them to check exercise goals, and control music.

The LG Lifeband Touch is compatible with Android and iOS devices using Bluetooth 4.0 and a partner LG fitness app to interact with your handset. There’s another unique accessory — a pair of ‘heart rate earphones’ which use the blood flow in your ears (amazing!) to measure the wearer’s heart rate.

Entering a market probably dominated by FitBit and the Jawbone Up, it’ll be interesting to see how LG carves out a niche for itself here.

It looks like LG will make the formal announcement once CES 2014 kicks off, but at this stage there’s little by way of detail in terms of pricing or availability. We’re hoping it won’t be too far off, because a little more competition in this space is always a good thing.

Source: LG Korea.
Via: The Verge.
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Did I read that right? Notifications? From your phone? Sounds near perfect to me… Wonder why they couldn’t include heart rate in the watch thingy itself? This is the only thing holding this back..


LG is going well. now if they can update the LG Optimus G to Kit Kat, then they have my loyalty.


Wow how sexy are they?!?!?!?


The ladies or the wristbands? They’re both quite nice 🙂


The phones aren’t to bad either 😛 They’ve gotta be the best women I’ve seen on this site thus far!! Keep’em coming >.<

Ty Crane

Anyone know who these girls are I’m getting really thirsty here