LG Heart Rate Earphones
Following on from their announcement this afternoon of their entry into the fitness gadget market with the LG Lifeband Touch LG continued this morning at their CES 2014 event by re-confirming the Lifeband and introducing a companion device the Heart Rate Monitor earphones.

This device is designed to work in conjunction with the Lifeband Touch, displaying your heartrate on the Lifeband via bluetooth; but it can also send the information to your smartphone. The Heart Rate Monitor Earphones feature PerformTek® sensor technology and measures the blood flow from the external part of the ear called the auricle. This allows the earphones to capture accurate biometric data such as the heart rate and maximal Oxygen consumption(VO2 max).

Availability is limited at this stage to the US with an announced availability of ‘Spring’ for both the Heart Rate Monitor and the Lifeband Touch, but no pricing at this stage was given. LG has announced that they will be rolling the devices out to other markets and we’ve sent an inquiry to LG Australia regarding possible availability of both the Lifeband Touch and the Heart rate Monitor Earphones here in Australia.

Source: LG.
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