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Are you a fan of LG Home Appliances and enjoy sending messages to your friends? This morning at CES 2014, LG’s President and Chief Technology Officer Skott Ahn launched a new Home Appliance control application called HomeChat. Homechat is built ontop of the popular Japanese messaging App Line, it will allow users to directly control almost all LG home appliances such as air-conditioners, washing machines, tv’s, fridges, HOM-BOT, etc. using natural language processing so that messages such as “I’ll be home at 4PM”, “what are you doing” or “I want my clothes to be dry by 6AM” can be interpreted by various connected devices.

Initially there are not a lot of prior 2014 LG Home Appliances that are supported by the HomeChat app, as these products do not have WiFi support. Fortunately if you own a supported 2013 LG smart fridge, washing machine, oven or HOM-BOT robotic vacuum cleaner, you will be able to communicate with these devices through the HomeChat app.

The service is due to go live over the next few months and we’re sure to hear more about the service as their 2014 range of connected home products is released here in Australia.

Can you think of any common messages you would use with the HomeChat app?

Source: LG Newsroom.
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You mention the source as ‘LG Newsroom’. So I guess you were just surfing the web and came across this website and found the story amazingly at the same time a new announcement was happening as opposed to perhaps reading it somewhere else (say numerous other tech blogs that have previously written about it ) and then crediting the LG Newsroom as the source?

Amazing coincidence.


Amazing how we, as a media organisation, who deal regularly with LG’s PR firm, receive alerts from the LG newsroom about new product and service announcements. Besides, we always credit other news sites where we’ve referenced their coverage.

We know this news isn’t the newest (given that it has been around for a week or so) but curiously we don’t have people doing a lot of writing over the Christmas / NYE period, as you know, we have lives too. Now that people are coming back into availability, things are getting written up.

Sorry you don’t enjoy our coverage.


welcome to the world of PR..