Wednesday , August 15 2018

Vodafone’s popular Red plans, with their generous international roaming for $5 per day, has now expanded into Asia with coverage in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan and Thailand. This brings the list of countries accessible to Red Roaming to 46, including the United States, New Zealand, the UK, and most European countries, and now six popular Asian destinations as well.

Announced last year, Vodafone Red Roaming allows Vodafone Red customers to pay just $5 a day for roaming in supported countries to access the inclusions of their mobile plan overseas. This means if — like me — you have a plan with unlimited calls and text and 10GB of data monthly, you can pay just $5 per day to access this same inclusion overseas.

Say for example I take a ten day trip to New Zealand. For $50, I can access unlimited calls and 10GB data, something you can’t easily replicate on a local SIM card. Plus, I can still keep my Australian number, so people at home can easily get ahold of me. Can’t go wrong.

Vodafone’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kim Clarke, said:

Asia is a hugely popular destination for Australians taking a holiday, with Bali and Thailand among the top spots for Australians taking short overseas trips.

We want to give our customers the experience of using their smartphones in Asia just as they would when they’re at home in Australia.

Many of our customers who travel regularly to Asia for business, especially those visiting China and Japan. In a constantly switched-on world you simply can’t afford to miss those important business calls or emails and it shouldn’t cost the earth.

Those who are Vodafone customers, but not on a Red plan, need not despair. Any Vodafone customer can switch to a Red plan with no cost, provided that the plan spend is the same or greater value than their existing plan. There are of course the other benefits to Red plans, including double data inclusions, unlimited calls / text options, and access to Vodafone’s Tasmanian call centre for extra friendly local service.

For further information on Vodafone’s Red Roaming you can visit their Roaming page, but bear in mind, it hasn’t been updated at the time of writing with the new Asian destinations.

Source: Vodafone Red Roaming.

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