It’s a tacky headline, but it seems to sum up what’s happened in the ChromeOS space in the last twelve months. The Google Chrome team have taken a look back at the year’s changes in Chromebooks, and it certainly looks like the future of Chrome is assured.

Google opines that around the world, an estimated 2.4 billion laptops, tablets and smartphones were purchased in 2013, which works out to be something in the order of 4,500 devices PER MINUTE. One third of the world’s 7.1 billion people now have access to the world wide web, and we use these tools for work, play, education and connection.

It’s with this in mind that Google designed Chromebooks, and they’ve determined that two of the three best selling laptops on Amazon were Chromebooks this festive season just past, and 21% of commercial notebooks sold were Chromebooks. That’s pretty impressive.

Eight leading manufacturers are making Chromebooks these days, including the likes of Hewlett Packard, Samsung, Toshiba, Acer and LG. If they support the platform, it suggests there’s something to it, wouldn’t you think?

In terms of the underlying operating system, Chrome OS, 2013 has seen some pretty cool new features, bringing ChromeOS very much to the point where it is a truly viable contender. Supervised user accounts (ideal for use by kids where you can restrict certain activities), and QuickOffice built in for document editing wherever you are, connected or not: these are just two new features of many that have rolled out.

Of course, we know from CES 2014 that there have been a few developments we’ve already talked about, including the new Toshiba Chromebook (shown above), and the LG ChromeBase, an All-In-One unit combining the simplicity of ChromeOS with an integrated hardware package for the desktop. Acer have also announced a white version of their popular (in the US at least) C720P Chromebook, which isn’t (for now) available in Australia.

Ausdroid can’t wait to see what comes in Chrome in 2014, and with the reintegration of AusChrome into the main Ausdroid site, you’ll find all your ChromeOS news right here.

Source: Google Chrome Blog.
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    Any idea when / if we will ever be able to get the Acer Chromebooks here? (There is a sentence I never thought I’d say.) JB still seems to only have the old / slow Samsungs.


    Well that’s new 🙂

    When did that turn up? Must have been over the break, I kept checking leading up to Christmas.

    geoff fieldew

    I purchased a C720 from JB before Christmas. My daughter has the Samsung Chromebook. The Acer is faster with better battery life but the Samsung touchpad is more accurate and feels better.


    would be nice if chromebooks can be installed on any PC much like linux


    Doesn’t just installing the Chrome browser basically give you the same features?


    i don’t know. I’ve never used a chromebook or even played with one 🙂

    Daniel Tyson

    I’ve been doing all my remote Ausdroid posting on a Chromebook for the last 6 -12 months – the CR48 is still getting updates – and its very much worth giving a go.


    You can install ChromiumOS (i.e. basically what ChromeOS is) on your PC if you want.


    You can install the Chrome App Launcher on your desktop. You pin it to your start bar and you can install Chrome apps and other Google products to it.

    Then all you have to do is press the icon, and select what you want to use. Pretty much how a Chromebook works.

    If you use a lot of Google products (like Chrome, Search, Youtube, Maps, etc) then IMO it’s a must have.

    geoff fieldew

    Wow. Such title. Very laptop. Much Google. Wow.