Agora HD Mini 3G Tablet
CES is almost over, but it’s not quite over yet and this morning sees Ruslan Kogan announcing some new products for his online retail store, like a sub-$1000 4K UHD TV, but more importantly to us a new Android tablet, namely a 7″ Agora Tablet which is 3G capable.

The Agora HD Mini 3G is a new step for Kogan with 3G connectivity being included in their tablet line for the first time – compatible with all three Australian carriers networks – and as an addition, they’ve used an aluminium backplate on the tablet to add a more premium feel to the previously all plastic Agora line.

The specs on the tablet are pretty decent as well, with a 7.85″ IPS Display with a 1024×768 resolution up front, it has a 1.2GHz Quad-Core MediaTek CPU and PowerVR GPU paired with 1GB of RAM powering it. The tablet comes with 16GB of onboard storage as well as a microSD card slot to expand storage. The tablet comes with dual cameras – 8MP Rear/5MP Front – and connectivity wise supports WiFi 802.11 b/g/n as well as Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS.

Software wise, the Kogan Agora HD Mini 3G Tablet comes with Android 4.2 and comes with the Google Play store installed which gives you access to the more than 1 million Apps available. There’s no indication of whether updates to the OS are incoming but we’ll be watching. Currently on Pre-Sale at the moment for $199 + delivery($19), the tablet ships out on March 6th, we’re in the process of trying to procure a review unit right now.

Source: Kogan.
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    I bought it.
    nice tablet


    Looks like its screen is of 4:3 aspect ratio. Worth considering if it indeed is.


    One potential design flaw with this new tablet, is visible in the third picture of it. In landscape mode, the volume and power buttons are on the bottom edge of the device.
    It should have had at least 1280×960 res, keeping the same physical size and screen ratio. 1024×768 on a 7.85in screen is just too low IMO.
    The speakers being rear firing, and stereo only in portrait is poor design.


    And Jeni is negative again mind you in this case Jeni is right, is Kogan is Crap.


    Not so much that Kogan is crap, Chris, but rather that what they are trying to intro to the marketspace is design specs that might have passed muster back in q2 2011, but which do not come close to measuring up today. Screen res aside, the hardware specs are quite reasonable, for an entry level device.

    Paul Walker

    Shame about the display resolution. Everything else is great for the price.