Android offers you many ways to customise your phone or tablet. Wallpaper and ringtones? Of course you can change those. You can change your home-screen, app-launcher, and replace most of the built in applications with something else if you like.

Most Android phones also display an animation when turning on. Carrier-sold devices will usually have a carrier logo animation, and un-branded devices will usually feature something else, e.g. a Samsung logo or in the case of Nexus devices, some coloured dots doing weird and wonderful things.

However, if you want to change these, it has previously been a bit difficult. Doable, yes, but easy, no. A new app developed by Santiago Gutierrez, called Boot Box, allows you to easily replace the boot animation on your Android device. In beta, the app currently supports a range of Nexus devices, but sadly more common handsets such as the Galaxy S4 or HTC One are not currently supported.

Boot Box allows you to preview a range of boot animations designed for your device, and through a simple process, you can download and install a new one without any heartache. Even better, if the service doesn’t offer you the animation you want, you can create your own in-app. If you think your effort is wonderful, you can share with other Boot Box users as well.

Boot Box is free to download and use, and if you’re into a bit of customisation, might be well worth your checking out.

Boot Box
Boot Box
Developer: Santiago Gutierrez
Price: Free
Source: Android Beat.
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    Not much selection for the Nexus 5 yet. 1080 is too many resolutions…


    I think it’s worth mentioning that root access is required.