Lenovo, the worlds largest PC manufacturer surprised everyone at CES by announcing a couple of Android based All-in-One(AIO) destkops – the N308 and the Thinkvision 28/2840m – the All-in-One desktop idea is relatively new, at least in Australia, where we’ve only just received our first device – the HP Slate – but we look set to see a few more models from at least 3 vendors this year.

So when will we expect to see these devices on our shores? Well, Lenovo Australia has some good news and some bad news, depending on which model you’re after. Firstly, the Tegra4 powered N308 with its 19″ screen and low price won’t be coming to Australia with Lenovo advising that

Lenovo does not currently have any firm plans to offer this in ANZ

But, they did advise that as they expand their consumer offerings, the company will be assessing the market and may look at launching the device here at a later date.

In better news, the Lenovo Thinkvision Pro models have a much brighter outlook with regards to availability in Australia. Noteable for their 4K(3,840×2,160) resolution, 28″ screens the Lenovo Thinkvision Pro 2840m/Pro 2820 All-in-Ones have a HDMI connection possibly allowing them to be used as a monitor for a PC or other devices. Lenovo expects that they may be available in Australia from as early as March but possibly as late as April, with pricing to be announced closer to the launch. US pricing puts the device at US$1,199, an expensive option, but with HDMI connections it’s worth a look.

We’re definitely excited for these All-in-Ones and we’ll be taking a closer look at them once they launch here in Australia.

Are you excited for an Android All-in-One Desktop replacement?