Nexus 10 out of stock
We’re no closer to any sort of announcement of a replacement, but it appears that stock levels on the Nexus 10 – at least in the 32GB storage capacity – are depleting with the 32GB Nexus 10 no longer available for order on the Australian Google Play store.

The current stock status of the 32GB Nexus 10 currently advises ‘We are out of stock. Please check back soon‘. Indicating that there may be more stock inbound, but with the Nexus 10 now over 14 months old – released to Google Play on November 14th 2012 – you have to assume that something may be coming down the pipeline in the form of a replacement.

The Nexus 10 didn’t gain huge amounts of traction as a consumer device the way the Nexus 7 seemed to, but it did sell and was quite well received. Android 10″ tablets still have a ways to go in the App market, but Google is definitely trying to get developers to introduce more tablet friendly Apps into the market, as well as beginning to feature Tablet friendly Apps for Tablet users in Google Play back in November.

We’ll be watching this closely, I for one could do with a new Nexus 10.

Source: Google Play.
Thanks: Boulton.