Gold HTC One
It’s not the 18 karat Gold version that HTC have been showing off to all and sundry at trade shows around the world, but you’ll now be able to get your hands on the Champagne Gold HTC One through Telstra.

The only difference between the existing Glacial Silver HTC One on Telstra and this new model is the colour, with the same specs and features like HTC Boomsound, Ultra-Pixel camera still in place. Sales of the Champagne Gold HTC One begin today online with free delivery and in-store on January 21st, with the phone available on a variety of plans starting at $69.

It’s the first colour variant of the HTC One that we’ve seen so far in Australia – with Vivid Blue and Glamour Red variants available in different markets – which is a move forward, however with rumours of a new HTC flagship model beginning to circulate that could possibly be announced in just a few months, whether you should purchase this phone or not is another question.

Are you enticed by a new colour variant of the HTC One?

Source: Telstra.
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Julian Williams

Maybe I’m just super utilitarian (I put all my phones in Otterboxes), but I never really understand all the hype with fancy colours on phones. I mean unless you have some sort of disposable income for tech, you should be putting it in a case anyway and that would defeat the purpose.


I’m with you on that one. I always thought Samsung phones looked and felt horrible (I still do), but it didn’t bother as I always had them safely ensconced in a case.


I’ve never used a case on any of my phones and beyond a minor scuff here and there I’ve never had a problem.

I guess I just recognise I’m holding a ~$800 piece of kit in my hands and hold onto it tightly?

vijay alapati

i thought htc One+ is releasing soon

Alvin Ng

Are they allowed to use the word ‘champagne’? I thought the French would get all antsy about this? No?


Anyone can use the word, you just can’t sell sparkling white wine with the name unless it’s from the area.

Alvin Ng

Ahh okay that makes sense then.


imo…YUK!! But each to their own.


Yeah, it looks terrible.