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The ABC has been on a roll of late, beltatedly delivering an official iview App for Android last month and now this month they’ve launched the official Android App for their popular Radio station Triple J into Google Play.

Arriving just in time for fans of Australian and Alternative music to kick back with a few cold ones and a BBQ and partake in the Hottest 100 this Australia day, the Triple J App appears pretty functional with a slew of features which should take care of just about anything you could want to do in a mobile App, including :

  • Stream triple j live
  • See live song names + recent tracks list
  • Add songs to ‘Tracks I Love’ + watch their film clips
  • Message presenters via SMS + Twitter
  • Listen to the latest programs + exclusive interviews on demand
  • Read Music News for the latest tour + festival info
  • Find your local frequency

The App uses ShoutCast AAC+ at 64kbps to stream music to your Android device with triple J advising that it will consume around 29 MB of data per hour also adding a note that absolves them from any excess data charges you may incur.

While the App is designed for devices running Android 4.0 and above, it seems – as you can see from the screenshots above – to be a direct port of their iOS App, with not even a discernible nod towards Android Holo design guidelines. This is a version 1.0 release though, so hopefully in future versions of the App we could possibly see a move in a direction that would satisfy the design language that most Android users see on well designed Apps.

At 11MB to download the App is pretty tidy in terms of size, there’s 13 five star ratings with between 50-100 installs having taken place so far. Jump onto it and get your groove on now, and let us know what you think in the comments.

triple j
triple j
Source: Triple J Google Play.
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    Joshua Hill

    It only appears at number 6 under apps in google play when you search ‘triple j’.

    I guess that’s what you get when you neglect a platform for so long.


    I was thinking just yesterday how lame the ABC are for constantly favouring Apple by neglecting Android. No holo is annoying but with the release of iview this is another good step.


    Download links broked

    Daniel Tyson

    Cheers, try again now.