spigen note 3 case

A couple of months ago, we heard rumours that Samsung was pondering a plan to block third party accessories from some of its devices, like cases, chargers, car kits and the like, especially where those accessories mimicked functionality offered by Samsung-branded accessories.

It seems that these rumours might be a step closer to reality today, with reports that the Android 4.4.2 update for the popular Galaxy Note 3 handset is blocking third-party S-View cases from functioning.

The Spigen S-View case (pictured above) lacks the small identification chip of the official S-View case from Samsung, and thus while it still functions perfectly well as a case, the S-View feature — allowing users to view content from the device’s screen through the window on the case — no longer functions.

It seems that there are two work arounds at the moment, but none are particularly ideal:

Reports on SamMobile suggest that this is the only accessory currently affected, which by extension suggests that perhaps this is just a trial by Samsung to see whether it’s something they want to roll out more widely. One hopes that this doesn’t spread more widely.

Source: SamMobile.
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Damien Xenos

First the Galaxy Gear only working with premium Samsung phones now this. Looks like its Nexus, LG or Sony for my next phone


Sounds like Samsung is becoming more like Apple with everyday that passes. I having been trying to avoid buying Samsung products for a whille


Seems Samsung denies it (Android Central)


Seems Samsung denies it (Android Central)


So…just for the 3rd party s-view cases?, I mean how about the normal flip cases ?. Thankfully they aren’t putting the chips on their cables like Apple, and I hope it stays that way


Never buy Samsung. Simple.

Steve Offer

What percentage of Samsung smartphone income is generated by accessories? Bugger all I would suggest.


Thats one way to prevent third parties from developing accessories…which is not so much copying but promoting its core product. Samsung is turning into Apple. And while I do own the official Samsung cover I whole-heartedly do not agree with this. Not just restricting in this sense either. They are making it ever more difficult for the developers community too – bootloaders-roms-downgrading-warranties… Samsung just stop.