Wednesday , February 21 2018

Sony Xperia Z Ultra released in a WiFi-only variant in Japan

We’ve taken a fairly good look at Sony’s Xperia Z Ultra before, and when Matt reviewed it, he rather liked it, except for the fact that for a phone, at 6.4″, it was just too big.

It seems that this view wasn’t uncommon, and being as the Xperia Z Ultra borders on the smaller side of tablets (rather than the extremely large side of phones), Sony has heeded the call and released a new version of the Xperia Z Ultra which lacks the cellular component, thus rendering the device truly a small tablet.

While the cellular radios have been removed, the Xperia Z Ultra (WiFi) is virtually the same device as the cellular model, featuring a Snapdragon 800 CPU, 2 GB of RAM, and the same water resistance that we’ve enjoyed playing with in the past. The 6.4″ screen operates at 1920×1080, meaning while it’s just below tablets like the Nexus 7, it could do well as a more portable, more pocketable tablet. The microphone and earpiece are being retained, so while cellular calls are off the agenda, VOIP calls are still very much a possibility.

We see a tablet with this form factor being quite popular, and hope that it makes it beyond the Japanese shores rather soon!

Source: Sony Japan.
Via: Engadget.

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2 Comments on "Sony Xperia Z Ultra released in a WiFi-only variant in Japan"

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Valued Guest

I think its a good move so people who see it as a phone thats too bug can view it as a small tablet that can make call so it might actually help “phone” sales as well for those that want a cellular tablet haha

vijay alapati
Valued Guest
vijay alapati

Can we call this a tablet? the apps will still be displayed in phone format rather tablet, also this is the smallest tablet 0_o

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