After their first successful hardware device – the Oppo N1 – launched, the team at Cyanogen Inc pretty quickly announced a second partnership with startup One Plus, with the company announcing that new phone the ‘One Plus One’ would be designed in conjunction with Cyanogen Inc from the ground up. Well, on Google+ they’ve advised that the phone will be available in the second half of this year to an international audience.

The last we heard there was rumours that the phone would come with a screen smaller than the Oppo N1 and could possibly be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 SoC which should become available to the market in Q2, which with a Q3-4 2014 release being considered would certainly allow for the possibility, but nothing is concrete, except maybe the concrete like background seen in the picture above which could suggest a colour or texture??? – I’m grasping at straws with that guess.

Any phone from Cyanogen Inc is going to bring customers from the hardcore Android fans, but whether this translates to the mainstream phone buyers is another thing and CI and One Plus will definitely need to offer a great experience on their phone to capture the mindshare – and wallets – of any potential customers not already familiar with the work of the Cyanogen team.

Are you considering a One Plus One running CM when it’s released?

Source: One Plus Google+.
Via: Android Police.