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Lately Cyanogen Inc. seem to be going from strength to strength on the back of positive news each and every. Just yesterday OnePlus were revealing connectivity details of the new OnePlus/Cyanogen Inc. phone and that it would arrive in the second quarter of 2014. Today it has been revealed that the founder of the second most popular custom rom AOKP, Roman Birg, has been lured over to join the team at Cyanogen Inc.

Those who follow the custom ROM community will know that Roman is an incredibly talented developer who has brought many unique and useful features to the custom ROM community. Fear not though, AOKP is bigger than one person and AOKP will live on and Roman has said he will continue to contribute to AOKP while working for Cyanogen Inc. The statement on the AOKP website confirms this.

While many in the community have said they are not in favour of Cyanogen Inc. and what they are doing (effectively monetising custom ROM development), personally I don’t have a problem with it. If someone loves to do that why shouldn’t they be able to make a living out of it? I think it will help the community quite a bit. In the past these developers have had to work on the custom ROMs in their spare time but now it is their job. Don’t you think they will now have more time to brainstorm with each other and create new and exciting things for us to enjoy? Cyanogen Inc. have said they will continue to feedback developments to the community which can only be good for all of us. Think of it as CyanogenMod gaining some swagger.

What do you think? Do you agree with me or am I way off the mark here?

Source: Phandroid.

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Great news for fans of cm which I’m one 😀

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